Posted on November, 21 2014

IdentiPlast, the European benchmark event for plastics waste recycling & recovery

Since 1997, IdentiPlast, the number 1 event in Europe dealing with the recycling and recovery of plastics waste, has established itself a Centre of Excellence where "Best Practices” in the management of plastics waste are exchanged between all relevant stakeholders.

For the past 18 years, IdentiPlast, organised by PlasticsEurope, ACC(1), PWMI(2), EPIC(3) and in partnership with epro(4) has provided the audience with a forum where experience and know-how of identifying, sorting, recycling and recovery of plastics from different waste streams were shared.

((1)American Chemistry Council, (2) Plastic Waste Management Institute , (3)Environment and Plastics Industry Council, (4)European Association of Plastics Recycling)

After London, Madrid, Warsaw and Paris, IdentiPlast continued its tour in Europe and reached its latest destination: Rome on 29 and 30 April 2015.

IdentiPlast 2015 gathered leading international experts who shared their knowledge as to identify the key drivers to reach a zero plastics waste society and to analyse its role within the circular economy.

Why was it interesting to participate?
The European Commission is launching a flagship initiative to pave the way towards a circular economy as it prepares the ground "Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe" to establish a common and coherent EU framework to promote the circular economy.

IdentiPlast 2015 provided a dynamic forum where delegates discussed and identified the challenges and opportunities that the circular economy initiative offers.

Furthermore, IdentiPlast 2015 showcased the latest cutting-edge advances in sorting, recycling and recovery technologies for plastics.

Who was the target audience?
The conference was open to all those with an interest in these fields and was particularly relevant to:

  • Local authorities and municipalities
  • Policy makers
  • Waste management organisations: collectors, dismantlers, shredders, sorters, etc
  • Plastics Recyclers, manufacturers, converters, compounders, etc
  • Equipment manufacturers and developers
  • Product designers and manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Academia and research institutes
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
The 2015 conference programme included the following topics:
  • The circular economy in Europe: collection, sorting and recycling of plastics
  • Waste legislation, including an update on implementing measures, at European and global level
  • Flagship initiatives for Zero Plastics to Landfill
  • How to accelerate landfill diversion in Europe?
  • Sharing best practices: from recycling to opportunities for biodegradable plastics
  • Waste management: identification, collection, treatment, sorting
  • Economic and environmental benefits
  • Retailers perspective on the circular economy.

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