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Speakers IdentiPlast 2017

Jochen Hertlein

Sustainability and Lean Packaging Manager, Nestec, Switzerland

Based in the Nestlé Head Office in Vevey, Switzerland, Jochen Hertlein is coordinating and working on projects to improve the environmental performance of packaging materials globally with a clear focus on plastics. Before moving to Switzerland in 2016, Jochen headed the Nestlé packaging team of Nestlé Germany and actively contributed to packaging sustainability topics in the German brand association ("Markenverband”) and the joined industry working group packaging and environment ("AGVU – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verpackung und Umwelt”).

As a trained food technologist at the Technical University of Munich Jochen entered the packaging area with a strong focus on product requirements, product - machine - packaging interactions. He uses this background knowledge together with the experience in packaging waste management to reduce the environmental impact of packaging concepts.

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